TOEFL® Primary™ Test Levels

Reading and Listening: Two Levels

Lower Level

•  basic formulaic expressions

•  basic vocabulary and phrases related to common objects and people

•  short and simple utterances related to survival needs (e.g., simple request or directions)

•  short simple text relevant to their experiences (e.g., schedule or phone message)

Reading and Listening: Two Levels

Upper Level similar content as Lower Level, plus:

•  high-frequency vocabulary

•  a simple short story and conversation on topics beyond personal experiences

•  a simple explanation of objects related to content-learning

•  unfamiliar words given sufficient amount of contextual clues

TOEFL® Primary™ Test Goals

Test Goals

•  To measure students’ knowledge and progress in English classes

•  To provide information to students, teachers and about students’ abilities in English

Test Use

•  Help guide teaching goals

•   Help teachers in their work with individual students and groups of students

•     Help students and parents understand where they need to focus future learning

TOEFL® Primary™ Test Structure

Listening and Reading Comprehension sections tested via paper and pencil

•    All questions included in full-color test book

•    Separate, easy-to-use answer sheet, in color

•    Allows for local scheduling

•    Test length approximately one hour, sensitive to young learners’ attention span

Speaking section tested via computer

•    Optional module priced and delivered separately

•    Test length approximately 20 minutes

•    Centralized scoring by ETS-trained raters


What is the TOEFL® Primary™ test?

An assessment designed to:

•   Measure the general English language proficiency of young EFL learners ages 8-12

•  Provide a snapshot of young learners’ ability in listening, reading, and speaking

•   Support teaching and learning by giving information about students’ abilities in relation to an international standard