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Globalise is pleased to announce two new services to help boarding schools reach and recruit prospective Turkish students.

These programs provide admission directors with  cost effective and convenient tools to introduce your school to Turkey’s educational counselors, agents, and private schools in both Istanbul and Izmir. And, through these organizations, schools will be able to enroll the students they seek to enrich their classrooms and campus life.

 We hope to welcome you to Turkey soon!




Turkey’s private schools have many students who would like to continue their high school educations in the U.S. and Canada. Through VSG, Globalise counselors will take you to visit these schools so that you can you understand the Turkish educational system, become familiar with the individual schools,  and meet interested, qualified students.

During your school visits, you will learn about a school’s application and admission process, grading and testing systems, curriculum, extra curriculars, and student profiles. We will arrange conversations with school principals,  English Department Chairs, and student leaders who will  help expand your knowledge of Turkish students, their education, and their aspirations.

The private schools that participate in  VSG  have significant numbers of students who have, or who have expressed an interest in,  studying abroad and whose administrators encourage  and support students to take advantage of these global opportunities.  Program Fee: $500 USD per school visit.




Turkey has many individuals and companies that provide educational consulting services. Because each agent or agency may specialize in a  particular area—U.S., Canada, university, language school, boarding school, etc.-- identifying the organization whose clients are most appropriate for your school can be confusing and time–consuming. Globalise has extensive contacts with and knowledge of these companies and will carefully match your school with the consultants or agents who can introduce the most appropriate students to your school.  Program Fee: $450 USD per agent visit.


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